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Simon Fraylich

It’s undeniable that many industries have suffered greatly at the hands of Covid-19. We understand that those of you in the leisure and fitness industry have taken a huge blow.

To help we would like to offer any business in the leisure and fitness industry a free, no-obligation trial of our Interactive Voice Response system and Smart Flow Builder.

Specifically, to help you target new customers and retain those who may be looking to leave.

Increase Your Member Retention

With Power2, you’re able to set up an automated call system that can contact any members who are considering ending their memberships. Our call system has the ability to make hundreds of calls every minute, which gives you great reach at a low cost. Initially, our system will make a personalised voice call to your customer, for example:

“Hi John, it’s The Gym. We’re sad to hear you’re leaving, and as we don’t want you to go, we have a special offer available if you stay. Press 1 to be connected to your club and learn more about this offer.”

Those who show interest and follow this instruction will be put through to one of your sales team, who can provide them with an incentive to stay and close the deal. Our system can also be used to get in touch with potential new members and make offers, keeping your sales team busy with warm leads. If a call was to go unanswered, the system will automatically send the customer an SMS with the offer instead.

Power2 Features

Here at Power2, we have many features to help businesses connect, and reconnect with their customers, which we know is important, now more than ever. 

Our customisable Smart Flow Builder makes it easy to set up a call, directing warm leads to your sales team, and keeping the conversation going with current members. 

Our built-in phone book feature provides you with the ability to segment customer information, ensuring you're contacting the right people with relevant offers or information.

Free Trial

Our solution allows you to engage with your members, increase retention, and ensure your sales team is only receiving warm leads. We know that this is a difficult time for your industry, so we’re offering you 1,000 free credits, which you can use to call 1,000 customers. 

To start your free trial, drop us an email at, or call us on 01733 796323. One of the team will be happy to give you a free demo and assign your credits to your account. 

Things are far from being back to normal, but we can at least help get businesses back on their feet.