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Enhancing Customer Conversations.

We help you to connect with your customers through SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Voice and Email, using our Smart features.

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Our Story

Since 2017, Power2 have been sending your messages across the globe. We're an experienced team, who have been in the industry for years. The goal? To build a solution from the ground up, helping our clients communicate with customers at an affordable price.

We've designed an intuitive flow builder that makes the process of automating messages easier, quicker, and much more accessible. We've incorporated Voice, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to give you the best tools to keep your customers in the conversation. We wanted to give you the ability to combine multiple platforms in one flow, as well as the option to stick to just one. It's important to us that our clients have that control over their communications.

Our mission is to give the power back to companies, and allow them to connect with customers on their own terms, but with full automation and ease. We strive to push the boundaries of technology, constantly adapting to ensure our services are up to date, and providing our customers with the best possible solution.

Meet the Management Team

Simon Fraylich

Managing director

Nikki Headhsot

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