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Send messages across SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Voice and Email, at scale. All our services connect together via Smart Flows, ensuring you reach your customers on their preferred platform.
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every interaction.

Send personalised, bulk SMS.

You can use bulk text messaging to reach all of your customers, without losing the personal touch of one on one messaging. Our service doesn't stop at the first message, we can also handle personalised responses, too.


Send WhatsApp messages to your customers.

WhatsApp is in the hands of over 2 billion people, which makes it a great platform for you to deliver any of your brand messages to your customers.

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Facebook Messenger
Engage with your customers on Facebook Messenger.

Over 1 billion people across the globe use Messenger monthly, and more and more are talking to businesses through the app.

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Our voice response software connects you to your customers.

We help businesses to communicate with customers in real time through Voice. Allowing you to automate calls and route customers to your team at the press of a button.

Automate comms with Smart Flows.

Our intuitive Smart Flow builder gives you the power to automate personalised messages, combine messaging platforms together and auto respond to customers. It is our most powerful feature yet.

Whatsapp Attachments

Make the most of WhatsApp attachments.

WhatsApp allows you to attach additional content to your messages. It can give them a personal touch, or perhaps add some extra information, such as a video or receipt.

Get real feedback with Surveys.

When using WhatsApp or SMS marketing, you can send out Surveys and discover how your customers really feel about your business.

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