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Build stronger connections
with your customers.

Giving you the power to connect with customers through SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Voice and Email.

Automation at scale with Smart Flows

Build your own flow of automated messages through multiple platforms, or just focus on one. Save time spent on individual replies - our intuitive flow builder does it for you, all without writing a single line of code.

Smart flow builder

Track campaigns with stats and data.

  • Access to reports and dashboards
  • Download and report on message statistics
  • Track link clicks within campaigns
  • View all online survey responses
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Helping businesses big and small improve their customer service.

  • Keep customers up to date with news and info
  • Send customisable, personalised campaigns
  • Receive honest feedback with surveys
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“We were looking for a messaging partner that provided an easy-to-use platform, that we could run multiple client accounts from. We needed the ability to send messages, add attachments and monitor campaigns – Power2 ended up being the perfect fit."

John Leaver
Head of Marketing

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