Last Mile Delivery Notifications (SMS, WhatsApp and Voice)

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Nicola Liddle

Could SMS, WhatsApp and Voice be the best way to deliver delivery notifications to your customers? Read our article to find out why we think so.

SMS, WhatsApp and Voice are powerful communication tools that nearly all the people you need to update about their delivery have. So it makes sense to deliver important messages, such as delivery notifications via a medium everyone has on hand at nearly all times.

With our platform taking care of keeping your customers informed, it leaves you to do what you do best! Running a complex logistics business and keeping people happy with deliveries. 

You deliver parcels, we deliver messages.

Why Use SMS Delivery Notifications?

Research shows that SMS has a 98% open rate, and is subsequently read within 3 minutes. 

This stat means it is great news for your delivery notifications being read. Within our platform SMS can be a two way street, you have the option to allow your customers to respond to your message and update you whether the delivery slot stated works for them. If not, the system can send them a response on what to do next. 

Using our platform to send a delivery notification by SMS, that is almost guaranteed to be opened is a great way to ensure customers are well informed of their delivery slot. If you then choose to use our re-booking automation, this can then cut down missed deliveries, unnecessary journeys and increase customer satisfaction.

SMS delivery notifications are easy to set up and use within Power2 and we have logistics companies using them on our platform now, with great success.

Why Use WhatsApp Delivery Notifications?

WhatsApp is a fast-growing platform, with 2 billion users.

It’s no surprise that it’s so popular when it comes with so many features. WhatsApp delivery notifications have no character limit, and message receipts let you know that your message has been read and received. Plus, you can add attachments to your notification, like a receipt of your customer’s order. 

Messaging apps are also seen by many as the future of business-to-customer interactions, with only an internet connection needed to use them. According to Facebook IQ, 67% of people using messaging apps plan to message businesses more over the next two years. 

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get your business on WhatsApp sooner rather than later. Power2 can get you started with Whatsapp delivery notifications.

Why Use Voice Delivery Notifications?

We know delivery information can be time-sensitive, so an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system may be the best choice for your business. A Voice delivery notification is far more likely to result in an immediate response from your customer, so you can figure out if someone will be home before you plan your drivers route. 

65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone (Invoca).

Voice delivery notifications make it easy for your customer to quickly reschedule and forwarded straight to a member of your customer service team. 

Why Not Combine All Three?

As we’ve shown, SMS, WhatsApp and Voice all have their benefits when it comes to last mile delivery notifications. So, why not use them all together? An unanswered call could automatically prompt an SMS, which includes their delivery information, or a WhatsApp message that prompts the customer to call you back.

With a combination of all three options, you’re much more likely to reach every customer. You work hard to deliver customer’s orders, so we want to make sure you’re avoiding as many missed deliveries - and redeliveries- as possible! That way, your vehicles aren’t making unnecessary journeys, you aren’t spending extra money, and your customers will be saved from the frustration of a failed delivery. 

It’s better for businesses, for the environment, and for customer services.

Here at Power2, we offer automated messages on all three platforms, with the ability to just use one, or put together your own combination. SMS, WhatsApp and Voice are fast, efficient, and can help to resolve your logistics issues. 

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