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SMS Marketing, for businesses

Reach your customers via SMS to deliver your marketing or communications messages.

Our easy to use platform will help you keep your customers up to date with marketing offers, delivery notifications or any form of message you need to deliver.

Making a connection

Reaching your customers via our SMS gateway is an easy way to make a personal connection. With an ever increasing reliance on reaching customers via social channels, text messaging cuts through the noise and delivers your message direct to your customers device. 

We’ve made reaching your customers via SMS marketing easy.

Keeping your customer data secure

Your data is in safe hands with us. We do not share any of your personal data nor the data you upload on to our platform. 

We will only use your data for the smooth running of your account and your own reporting.

All data on our platform is 128bit encrypted, providing the highest level of security.

What's possible with Power2SMS?

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Create new messages or send from previously created templates. Schedule messages to be sent over a given time period, or optimise them for a time where they most likely to be read.

Add contacts manually or copy and paste from a spreadsheet. Store and use extra information about them with custom fields.

Store unlimited surveys, up to 12 images and 12 PDF files from the attachments screen.

Receive and download data about received messages, link clicks and survey responses from one place.


Below is a basic guide as to what we charge, however we offer a price guarantee promise, which means whether you are sending 1,000 or 100,000 messages we'll find the best solution and package to suit your needs.

All our SMS customers have full use of our industry leading features to help enhance your campaigns.




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What do our customers think?

Rave reviews by experts in their industries

Kristin Fretwell | Village Hotels

Power2SMS offer an excellent service. Efficient, great account management support, reactive when needed (which is important in our business) and all at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Taylor Rose | Taylor Rose TTKW

The ease of use, modern UI and personable service from Power2 are just a few of the reasons I’d happily recommend them to anyone looking for SMS or IVR solutions.

John Leaver | TA6 Powered by Alliance Leisure

TA6 were looking for a partner that provided an easy-to-use SMS platform that would allow us to manage multiple client accounts. With the ability to attach documents, monitor replies and track results Power2SMS was the perfect fit. The pricing model also suited our flexible requirements

Andy Logan | Village Hotels

Power2SMS stepped in to help build a complex solution for our business, We have 30 Locations with hundreds of users across all of our sites. It was important to us that we got HQ and regional overview of all activity, Power2SMS have powerful analytics to help us evaluate the usage by site. SMS forms an integral part of our business therefor the transition over had to be seamless, Power2SMS set up a number of training sessions for all of our users and within 1 week every user on the platform had been trained on the platform without any down time, the transition was perfectly executed. We have strict and demanding expectations of our suppliers, however power2sms always over perform and provide us with invaluable customer service and support.

Related FAQ

  • How much do sms credits cost?

    The cost varies depending on how many SMS you buy, or consume within a month. We also offer a price match policy, so please get in touch for a more detailed quote.

  • Can I buy credits online?

    Yes, we offer an number of options to buy credits online. Please contact your account manager to discuss your options.

  • Is there a minimum purchase required?

    Yes although you can purchase as little as 100 credits at a time

  • What is an SMS gateway?

    An SMS gateway is the way in which you can send or receive SMS messages using your computer, Our SMS gateway connections use direct country connections, We will not use grey routes.

  • Do I need to sign a contract or make any commitments Power2SMS?

    No, the only commitment you have with SMS is the number of credits you purchase to go on your account. Some inbound services will have a minimum commitment term however this is usually billed up front.

  • Which countries does Power2SMS support

    You can send messages to pretty much any network/ country however the cost is different for all countries.
    We do not currently support sending to the USA

  • Will my SMS credits expire?

    No, your credits stay on your account for as long as it takes you to use them. If credits are on your account and remain unused for over a year, the value of your credits may go down if we’ve had a price increase. If your credits are on your account unused for over 2 years we reserve the right to close your account and remove unused credits.

  • How many characters can a message be?

    A message can be as long as you need it to be, up to 7 concatenated message, however to keep cost to 1 credit per recipient you will need to keep the character count to 160 characters.

  • Why would my message be costing me more than 1 credit?

    There are a few reasons for this.

    1) You have used more than 160 characters, please bear in mind we will automatically add an opt out for all marketing communications.
    2) You have a mix of uk and international numbers in your contacts
    3) You are using some of our tracking services or attachment features within your messages

  • Can I get advice and help composing a message?

    Yes, we have over 15 years experience with SMS marketing and although our solution is self managed we are always here to help.

  • What are the main reasons a number fails?

    There are a number of reasons for this

    1)Incorrect number format
    2)Handset is switched off
    3) Number is out of service
    4) Localised cell issues

    Power2 can not be responsible for any of these possible reasons for failure.

  • Why had my sender ID been overwritten?

    Due to local restrictions in some countries, your sender ID cannot always be set as your company name or number etc. Sender IDs can be overwritten to long codes, short codes, or generic alpha IDs, depending on the destination, this is out of our control.