Bulking - no, we’re not talking about your next bodybuilding competition - we’re talking about bulk SMS. Bulk SMS (or mass text messaging) is a simple way to reach thousands of customers with the click of a button, and it could be one of your most profitable, effortless and rewarding marketing tools yet. Join us for the next five minutes as we explain the benefits of bulk SMS and the secrets to getting it right. 

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the process of sending a single SMS message to hundreds, or even thousands, of recipients at once - just like you would an email campaign. Also referred to as “mass SMS marketing”, “bulk text messaging” and “getting stuff done”, bulk SMS messaging is usually achieved using an A2P (application-to-person) messaging service. 

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What are the benefits of bulk SMS marketing?

SMS is a powerful marketing tool - capturing your audience’s attention in a place they’re spending a quarter of their day at. Bulk SMS notches your SMS marketing up a gear, thanks to: 


SMS messages are cheap to send - costing pence. Mass text messages are even cheaper, if you're on a PAYG plan the more messages you buy the bigger discount you will receive. 


Bulk SMS marketing is also really quick to achieve - especially when using an A2P messaging service. You don’t have to worry about keying in individual numbers, writing different messages or clicking send thousands of time - simply compose your message, select your contact list and send for it to be instantly received by your audience. 


It’s not just the sending that’s quicker either. The ease of composing a 160-character message means that you can rapidly deploy a marketing campaign that quickly responds to events, competitor promotions or the changing weather. 

Return on investment

And, cheaper and quicker certainly doesn’t mean less effective. The ROI on bulk SMS marketing is colossal. SMS messages generate outstanding open rates - a 90% average compared with email’s 20% - which in turn generate outstanding conversion rates.

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And finally, this ease, cost-effectiveness and ROI mean that mass text messages can work alongside your other marketing campaigns, without you worrying about time, capacity or budget. 

What are the considerations of bulk SMS marketing?

It’s not all roses, however. As with any marketing tool, you need to do it right, to achieve results. Our top bulk SMS marketing tips for success are:


The problem with mass marketing is that it's impersonal, which is a problem when you hear that personalised marketing messages generate 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates. But bulk SMS doesn’t have to come at the cost of personalisation. To avoid this problem, use our bulk SMS service with custom fields - allowing you to insert each customer’s name into the message and win personalisation results. 


For mass text messaging beginners, it can be all too tempting to fire off an SMS marketing campaign to all of your customers, but while this will produce some conversions, it could also lead other to unsubscribe. You could use SMS shortcodes to build and segment your audience via having them opting in to receive messages from you - ensuring that each bulk SMS campaign is targeted strategically to generate the highest ROI. 

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160 characters may not sound like a lot, but it’s a lot when you’re saying nothing. Back every bulk SMS blast with a marketing campaign that has a defined goal, purpose and metrics to track. It helps you to stay relevant, successful and liked. 

Bulk SMS - key takeaways

Bulk SMS is a highly effective tool for reaching thousands of customers, using a marketing method that consumers love. Transform your next campaign and see the results for yourself.